About Us

We strive to solve business problems through the continuous process of integrating human capital, technology, and defined ecosystem models.

Focus Areas:

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Public Sector

Cloudocracy works with federal state and local government agencies to design, develop, test and implement innovative and cost-effective Cloud-based solutions to always budget-constrained public sector organizations.

Defense and Intelligence

Cloudocracy works with national security agencies to protect and defend against cyber security attacks and protect our homeland and citizens against foreign adversaries.

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Financial Ecosystems

Cloudocracy and its partners are working to apply advanced Cloud and distributed ledger technologies to enhance financial data privacy and security while improving customer experience and confidence.

Grants Management Ecosystems

Cloudocracy works collaboratively with leading non-profits and industry organizations to improve the effectiveness, visibility, and accountability of federal grant-making process.

Human Capital Ecosystems

Cloudocracy is working with organizations to improve the speed and accuracy of pre-employment screening and credit background checks.

Education Ecosystems

Cloudocracy is committed to lifetime learning and trusted verifiable credentials for higher education and throughout life.

Life Sciences Ecosystems

Cloudocracy is working with partners on solutions to remove friction from health management systems and empower patients to own and control their health data while strengthening privacy protections.


Will Groah

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Hallett

Chief Business Officer

Dave Romero

Cloud Architect

Pattie Covert

Creative Director

Mattew M. Rossetti

Chief Legal Officer

Valued Partners


John Callahan, PhD

Advisor, Technology

Suzanne Groah, MD, MSPH

Advisor, Health

Partners and Integrations

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Why We Do It

We believe in a shared locus of governance between organizations and individuals in the protection, overwatch, privacy, and control of identity
and data assets.

We support organizations and governments in policy enforcement
of private and open data sharing, exchanges, marketplaces,
and ecosystems.

We believe trust, truth, data protection and privacy can contribute
to a better world and to help the underserved.