Welcome. We want to first say thank for clicking on Careers to explore.
We hope your curiosity is fulfilled. We hope you will also consider our unique citizen-centric attribute and reputation credential approach to be a benefit to you and your consideration to go down the rabbit whole in exploration a little further. If you do, know that our core values and ideology of citizen-centric employment and secure data-centric consumption drives how we explore collaborating with each other in advancing a new paradigm in protecting digital identity and data privacy for ourselves and our startup, enterprise and government customers.


We consider ourselves part of the communities that are passionate and believe that owning our own digital identity,
personal information and data is a significant part of an overall global approach to a balance of healthy capitalism, sustainability, and contributing to the world around we live in. We also believe that it is incumbent upon each of us as employees to protect our employer and government data in whatever role or persona we take in the organizations
we support through innovative ways to continuously learn and testing our skills at continuous defensive cyber security
best practices grounded in behavioral sciences.

Low-Burn Startup

We embrace the maximization of existing resources first before expending effort on the acquisition and allocation of new resources to execute on our mission. Our bootstrapping provides a strategic roadmap for achieving sustainability through customer funding while our execution of lean thinking and principles provides a tactical approach to achieving those goals through continuous validated learning. More simply, we embrace a Low-Burn Startup Culture = Bootstrapping + Lean Startup Cultures.

Culture of Innovation

We encourage applicants to share their perspective and aspirations regarding their own superpowers in or more of the 10 Types of Innovation and applied to your understanding of Cloudocracy, and/or your own innovation ideation process.

Distributed Collaboration

We predominately use Microsoft Teams for program and project business and technology collaboration; MS LinkedIN for public relations and promotion; and AngelList and Handshake for meeting and learning from new potential employees, volunteers, ambassadors, internships and experiential learners.

People and Teams

People and teams fuel the economy and like every organization, people and teams fuel our organization and its continuous journey and mission. We seek individuals and foster teams that embrace diversity in how people see, categorize, understand, and go about improving the customer experience and the world; are engaged because they love they work they do in synchrony with others; and are empowered to be autonomous to make their own decisions on behalf of the company.

We are building a company based on lean cross-team functionality teams versus “departments” or complicated reporting structures to favor transparency and free-flowing communication. Our Growth, Engineering, and Operations teams encompass all traditional larger company functions the activities focused on customer value enhancement, creation, and acceleration.


Cloudocracy is an early stage low-burn start-up company offering a program that includes a flexible and bespoke combination based on an individual’s role and situation and their enthusiastic investment of time and resources in the name of the company and to further your career. All compensation packages are designed to be aligned with company strategic goals and creating a valuable company together.


Our startup philosophy is that a majority of Executive stakeholder compensation is best served from dynamic equity with a level of cash compensation and reward commensurate with where you are in your career, level of risk aversion, and other factors depending on your level of time and other resource commitment.


Employee and project-based consultant-based compensation packages are closer to more market-based cash compensation structures in a broad range of 0% – 100% of market compensation benchmarks which may also include dynamic equity participation.

Experiential Learner/Intern

We offer and emphasize paid experiential learning (1 year) and internships (Semester) for higher education students particularly in University Business and Entrepreneur programs and Computer science programs. These programs pair University students with the ability to integrate real world contributions with their formal studies to best prepare students for work life after graduation.


Adaptive Equity

Adaptive Logo

In our initial bootstrapped startup phase (no outside investors) our governance operating agreement empowers a unique way to track people and team contributions aligned to the company mission and execution. Our adaptive equity compensation (AdaptivePi) program for selected jobs provides a means for strategic equity participation based on the unpaid portion of the fair market value of each person’s contributions. This can include all or a portion of a person’s time, resource, and/or expense contribution to the company that is not compensated in cash by the company.

As is typical for any startup, under estimating costs is a common problem for startup teams leading them to overestimate profit projections. AdaptivePi gives people the team the ability to track each person’s at-risk contribution (AKA “bets”) and second, it helps the team understand the fully-loaded costs of running the business.

AdaptivePi jobs are tailored for founder, full-time and fractional officer; employee, consultant, and advisor persona roles. AdaptivePi provides a means for engagement between the company and the participant to exchange cash and non-cash value (e.g. time and expenses) in an open, transparent, and accountable manner while allowing for participants to directly record to the AdaptivePi capital “ledger” with immutable trust. Company co-founders and officers are authorized full visibility of the ledger and authority to verify timesheet hours, cash, and other non-cash transactions. The AdaptivePi governance authority and program administrator is the company Chief Executive Officer and the person-centric ecosystem governed by the company’s Operating Agreement and the company’s Chief Governance Officer.