Service offerings fit-for purpose for the situation.
We provide program and project management support
for government, enterprise, and lean startup initiatives.

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Best for our customer projects with coalitions, enterprise and government cultures and environments, especially Identity and Access Management, Supply-Chain, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Smart-Contract ecosystems.*

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Best for customer projects requiring defined lean or structured program and project lifecycles.*

Best for customer cloud DevSecOps programs and projects involving strong security standards compliance.*

*Certified Personnel

Lean Services for Startups and Protypes

For aspiring innovation initiatives starting from an idea, we apply continuous learning-based lean project services for startups, proof of concepts, and prototypes to mature them towards full operating environments.  Lean Principles and Lean Thinking have origins in the Lean Manufacturing methodology. 

Business application of  Lean Principles began emerging after publication of Steve Blank’s seminal book the “Four Steps of Epiphany”, later elaborated and popularized in  Eric Ries’s book “Lean Startup”.  These important ideas were then expanded upon in an entire book series by leading learning and book publisher O’Reilly Media including Ash Maurya’s ”Running Lean” which include tools like the Lean Canvas business model framework to help companies focus on customer success and avoid building something nobody wants to buy.  The principles and operating formulas have and inspired and spawned many thousands of Angel investor and venture capital-backed companies through a continuous customer feedback learning and commercial revenue focus.  The innovative process results in fit-for-purpose cross-team energy that, when applied well, has produced many great innovative successful company cultures, business models, products, and ecosystems and may be a perfect fit for your idea and initiative.

Ecosystem Incubation Projects

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The Missionwerx incubation project seeks to empower teams toward business value creation from students, career centers, grants, and lifetime learning, credentials, and social contribution throughout life.

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The AdaptivePi incubation project seeks to forge strong founder, owner, executive, employee, and coalition business value creation ecosystems through dynamic synthetic equity and income. From the continuum of lean startup, to synthetic rewards, to advanced distributed currency ecosystems-all immutably linked in a business value of IT incentive rewards business model.

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The 31 Pairs incubation project seeks to serve the patient health centered orphan disease (e.g. spinal injury) practitioners, industry, and government towards secure information technology and data access.